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  • Data health and … delusion

    Data health and … delusion

    For once, I’ll write about data but not in a technical way. For once I’ll write about something some notice without really caring because, this is research after all. I’m not a typical computer scientist. I ain’t learned it by the book but by doing. My very first code was in R because I couldn’t…

  • Time-series N°2: How to collect and process them?

    Time-series N°2: How to collect and process them?

    Before starting I’d just like to say that this post is not a cookbook of the algorithms that will allows to handle time series data. I will cite some but they are too many and list them is not the prupose, this article is more a REX (Return on Experience) on what I faced and…

  • Time-series N°1

    Time-series N°1

    The importance of time series is prodigious. We are no longer, and it’s been a while, in a static world. Everything is moving, and it is moving faster than most of us can even think. This is making our brain quite bad at analysing the data coming from connected sources. Too much ordered information to…

  • Being original with DeepLearning

    Being original with DeepLearning

    Ever felt stucked on a problem? Not a daily life problem but one about data. Maybe you’re a data scientist and your daily life problems are about data. Often, when you struggle with this kind of problem, the issue raise in expressing it to people and the solution pops out like magic. Unfortunately, sometimes, the…

  • Install Tensorflow2

    Install Tensorflow2

    Just a quick installation procedure for tensorflow2 (tf2). If you’re like me and still on Ubuntu 16.04 with a python 3.5 version, you might have experience that a simple pip install does not work properly? pip install tensorflow==2.0.0-alpha0 End up by a: 2.0.0-alpha0 not found Before you start yieling at Google and crying at your…

  • What a neural network really is?

    What a neural network really is?

    This article aims at giving an overview of what a neural network is in the context of computing. Indeed, as a computer obviously contains no neurons, the goal is to demystify this concept. A lot of artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) concepts are largely inspired by biology there will first have a quick…

  • My web bible

    My web bible

    I am referencing here the websites that I really often visit in my working (and geeking) journey. I imagine that you probably know most of them but some others might be new to you. I do not reference here some “obvious” references such as stackoverflow (oups, just did it) or developer websites such as Apache,…

  • An overview of Machine Learning frameworks

    An overview of Machine Learning frameworks

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is the ability for machines to reproduce human or animal capacities such as problem-solving. One of AI’s subdomain is Machine Learning (ML), whose goal is to make computers learning business rules without the need of the business knowledge but only by giving the computer the data. As part of ML methods, Deep…

  • What metadata really is?

    What metadata really is?

    In this article, I will try to demystify and explain in everyday words the concept of metadata and why they are so important in today’s data world.