University Course

  • As formation never end, it’s now been 2 years that I experiment daily university and grow from future and past people and experiment.
  • 2016 Programming formation (Java / Java EE) at INTI formation.
  • 2014 Graduated in neuroscience and clinical neuropsychology.
  • 2013 First graduation year in biology and health field with a neuroscience option.
  • 2007 -2012 Biology course at the University of Toulouse Paul Sabatier in France.
  • 2005 -2007 Medicine course. These two years helped me with the method and rigour students have to have during their university course.


Data Scientist / Statistician at CHUV (Switzerland) September 2020 – Now: This position allows me to apply the knowledge acquired in data sciences to neurosciences research. I’m at the interface of different research teams which allows me to build bridges in between different research topics while helping the teams to go deeper in their data management and processing. Apart from this I’m developing a series of courses dedicated to people working with data scientists. This aims at gently formalize some difficulties encountered when working with a data science team.

Data Scientist at Elter April 2018 – August 2020: Based on my knowledge in both data sciences and neurosciences I take part to research and development projects helping to elaborate proof of concepts and to turn them into products. I also take benefits of my architect knowledge to implement continuous development and integration tools as well as knowledge management.

Data Scientist and architect at Capgemini August 2016 – April 2018: As a python developper I have the opportunity to develop processing tools, take part to datamodel and database enhancement on a CNES big data project. This projetct was built around a consortium of asstrophysic laboratories from all Europe and Nasa as a partner. This is an amasing opportunity for me to develop my skills in such an environment.

Java Developer at AdamingJuly 2016 – August 2016: As a developer I am detached to client offices to help on projects such as web site, android applications or internal company software. I’m particularly interested in databases structures but also working on Angular JS, Spring, Hibernate … frameworks. I am currently working in Capgemini offices.

Project Manager November 2014 until May 2015  in Rufin Van Rullen’s Team CerCo (Toulouse, France).

I was in charge of administrative management of Rufin’s ERC grant. It includes helping in the recruitment of new members, order material, taking part in financial reports and make sure every team member work in good conditions.


CerCo: Summer 2013 to September 2014 under the direction of Simon Thorpe: The aim of this internship is to familiarize myself to neuropsychologic studies and to study how does the visual system work while we are doing simple saccades detection tasks.

CNRL: from November 2012 to January 2013 under the direction of Gaël Malleret: During this period I studied neuroanatomical basis of forgetting in a rat model. We induced different levels of interferences in working memory paradigms.

CRCA : from may to july 2011 and from January to June 2012 under the direction of Claire Rampon: As a laboratory technician, I worked on functional role of hyppocampal neurogenesis in different mouse models of Alzheimer disease. In my capacity as technician I had to make sure that all experiment was running in good conditions and make sure that all furnitures needed were available. I was also practising several behavioural and biochemical experiment to support the PhD students of the team.

CRCA : from april to july 2010 under the direction of Bernard Francès: I was a technical support to the PhD student and we worked on synaptic plasticity induced by place preference conditioning and more precisely on the implication of ubiquitin-proteasome system on motivational effects of morphine in the nucleus accumbens.


Software Engineering:

  • Pythonsoftware
  • Docker
  • Cassandra; MySQL
  • R
  • Matlab
  • Java / Java EE (1.8 version) : Hibernate, Spring (MVC) (IntelliJ)
  • JavaScript: Angular JS (WebStorm)
  • AndroidStudio
  • HTML / CSS

Immuno-histochemestry on brain sliced tissues in suspension :

  • Visible.
  • Fluorescence.IMAGE - Wreath 2002
  • Simple, Double, Triple.


Electrodes conception for rats (Initiation).

Microscopic analyses :

  • Visible.
  • Fluorescence.
  • Counts.
  • Density.

Intra-peritoneal Injections (Autonomous) and intra cardiac perfusion on mice (initiation).

Cross-section of frozen cerebral tissue with a cryostat.

Animal Behaviour (mouse and rat):

  • Place Preference Behaviour.
  • Morris Water Maze.shutterstock_57341071-458x307
  • Object localization.
  • Elevated Cross Maze.
  • Fear Conditioning.
  • Radial Maze.


Recently I developed a big interest in programming and I’m developing personal project using raspberry Pi technology and arduino.

I practice Diving and apnea weekly in an associative structure.

Everyday I practice bike to go to my working place.and also running

I’ve been playing Basket-Ball for 15 years and used to reach a pretty good level of practice (pre-national league).

I also practice tennis, badminton, ping-pong, swimming and more …

I’m interested in art, mostly contemporary art and realism.

I used to manage a building of 9 apartments from 2009 to 2011 so it helped me to be methodical and also a quite good handyman.

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