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  • What a neural network really is?

    What a neural network really is?

    This article aims at giving an overview of what a neural network is in the context of computing. Indeed, as a computer obviously contains no neurons, the goal is to demystify this concept. A lot of artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) concepts are largely inspired by biology there will first have a quick…

  • Audrey Dussutour: The blob

    Audrey Dussutour: The blob

    When Audrey is asked why she is studying the blob, here is her answer: “When he decided to study aplysia, everybody laughed at E. Kandel, and look where he is now! A Nobel prize winner who changed neurosciences. This is the same for several other studies that lead to major discoveries. So wait for 20…

  • What cognition is?

    What cognition is?