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An overview of Machine Learning frameworks

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the ability for machines to reproduce human or animal capacities such as problem-solving. One of AI’s subdomain is Machine Learning (ML), whose goal is to make computers learning business rules without the need of the business knowledge but only by giving the computer the data. As part of ML methods, Deep Learning (DL) is based on data representation. The philosophy behind this concept is to mimic the brain’s processing pattern in order to define the relationship between stimuli. This has led to a layer organisation of algorithms, particularly efficient in computer vision field. In some cases, these algorithms are able to overcome human abilities.

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Audrey Dussutour: The blob

When Audrey is asked why she is studying the blob, here is her answer:

“When he decided to study aplysia, everybody laughed at E. Kandel, and look where he is now! A Nobel prize winner who changed neurosciences. This is the same for several other studies that lead to major discoveries. So wait for 20 to 25 years and I’ll tell you if it worsed the deal!”

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